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Working with a Friend

We have been friends for over 11 years since we met during our first year at University. In Autumn 2020, we decided that we would start our taxation and accountancy firm. So far, it has been a good experience working together, but we have put some rules in place to ensure the business's smooth running and to help maintain our friendship.

You need to trust anyone you go into business with, which therefore also applies when going into business with a friend. Of course, you need to trust that your partner is not going run away with the money in the bank account, but you also need to trust they will act in the business's best interest.

We have decided that we will communicate using different apps depending on what we are discussing. We use Slack and Microsoft Teams for work-related discussions, and for personal related discussions we use WhatsApp. We feel that this is working for us and is helping to keep things separate.

We have scheduled regular business-focused chats every two weeks. This has allowed us to make strategic decisions for the business and ensure we are meeting our goals. We also have a daily conversation about some aspect of the company. This ranges day to day, but it is generally about networking or our clients.

We have also decided that if we need to chat about something that is not urgent, we will send the message 'Do you have 5 minutes?'. This is so that we do not distract the other person in case they are concentrating or preparing for a meeting. If something is urgent, we phone straight away.

We feel that our friendship has helped to give the business direction, due in part to our similar values and goals for the company.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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