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The Secret Network

More than just ‘year-end’

Accountants are in a very privileged position when it comes to personal and business affairs. We get together with clients several times a year to discuss financial matters. This often means preparing accounts or working on tax returns. It also means we talk about how their year went. ‘What were the challenges? What were the successes? What do they need help moving forward?’ One question can often open a can of worms, meaning that we get to know our clients and their businesses extremely well. Discussions can often lead to unexpected places and this is where the strength of the network gets to shine.

Having go-to people

This brings us onto the network itself. Day in, day out, accountants deal and interact with a plethora of people. We often have suppliers and partners that include mortgage brokers, solicitors, financial advisors and marketing professionals. It doesn’t stop there either, we have clients across various industries that offer expertise in their professions. The network can go on and extend for miles. One conversation could open you up to it.

Introducing is caring

It would be meaningless to be in a network that does not benefit anyone involved. The beauty of this network is that you could get introductions to new people, far and wide, at no cost to you. Need help with your pension? Looking to grow your HR department? Need to boost your sales? There’s a high probability that your accountant could recommend the right go-to person and make an introduction for you. That’s the benefit of the network.

Natural referrals

When we take on a client, they naturally become an extension of our network. This means we are always on the lookout for any new work that can be sent their way and is beneficial for both parties involved. There have been instances where we refer clients to each other if it appears that their businesses have opportunities to collaborate. When clients have a problem that needs fixing, we want to help them solve it in whatever way we can, through the network we have.

Becoming a member

All clients are members. But if you’re not. That’s okay too.

Every business is different, and what each business owner wants will vary. Member or not, you don’t need to do this alone. By working with an accountant, you get instant access to The Secret Network, and more importantly, support to help with your challenges (financially related or not).

Become a member or get in touch to find out more: email Enable JavaScript to view protected content. or phone us on 0131 364 4191.


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